- Even – whispers Odd, bleeding heavily from his torn side, bleeding into the silence that has suddenly smothered the entire ship, lost at sea – stay here with me brother…

His hand goes out to where his eyes don’t dare, he touches his twin who is fading even faster:

- Even…

Fools sobering up from their insanity circle the dying boys, with Libero, as black as a crow, his head down

- Odd… - moans Even – I’m here for you.

Their hands join, fingers entwine and with a soft groan they die, their curled up bodies glisten in the pool of blood. Malchick, the dwarf gets to their side in time to cry.

- Look at them – sniggers Maddick in his new found sanity – split like this they don’t look special at all…

- And thus – says the man with an axe in his head – it all ends.

- Yes – says Even – but does it have to be such a sad story?

- Not to worry – answers Odd – it’ll only be sad for a while.

And the maimed Deliverance, with a sigh of relief slides off the treacherous rock stabbing its belly, and slowly, ever so slowly glides across the open water like a swan or a ghost.


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The End