The very next moment poor Clove’s head rolls across the deck, spurting blood. Screaming like a demon, Maddick jumps on the dead body wielding a cleaver and soon the meat is distributed between the crew.

- We are all damned, damned to hell! – exclaims Libero, then kicks Francesca in the stomach.

This is the signal the fools have waited for. The decks of the Deliverance are consumed in a mindless, delirious terror. Hunger, want and death come to fill the gap of existence. The sun blackens anew. Wind burns like a hell pyre. The twins get knocked over, one falling on top of one another.

- Even! – crys Odd – Help me!

The mongoloids, each with a stick in his hands, organize a circle, spinning like a wheel of death they start dealing blows on the heads and backs of the howling mass.

- It’s all finished now! – Libero scans the battlefield as if searching for the door to the other world, he rescues those who throw themselves at his feet by crushing their skulls.

Christina, the Bishopess, baptizes the carnage before she gets pushed off the main mast.


Her body swinging at the end of the rope like a dead bird. Sibelius they impale on a broken oar.

A pale prince with a rusty iron axe twinning his mind, Rasap walks through the mayhem, untouched:

- And thus it all ends! – he speaks – In a line, to be sent home, to the father, like a package…

- Help us! – crys Even – Help us, captain!

- I’ll save each of you, my children! – promises Libero.

Premonition, the poet, falls overboard to drown. Salt water denies him any last words. Mora, the witch, gets torn limb from limb by her surviving patients who, suffering thirst for days, now find her blood soothing:

- It’s like wine, only older! – they toast each other with pieces of flesh as they would do with cups of drink while Francesca chased by Maddick, throws herself overboard as well.

- Silly bitch – disappointed, the maniac comments – that’s all we would have done to you anyway…

Then, to Maddick’s surprise, Libero snatches his weapon and runs up to the twins pledging, before the metal divides them:

- To each his own death!

- Even – whispers Odd, bleeding heavily...          - And thus it all ends.