It only happens she has her ear pressed against the door. Hearing what is to become of her, Francesca hides under a staircase. A fat rat scurries across her thigh, but doesn't bite it. The wise rodent looks straight into her eyes, shrugs its fury shoulders, as if saying, you’re all going to die, except for us rats, before pattering away into the dark hole of existence.

Francesca would like to cry, but no matter how moist her cheeks get, it's not going to save her. The crew, headed by Libero, climbs the stairs under which she's hidden. Dust falls on her face, with fragments of bile and fear-laced words:

- Find her! Find the virgin before it’s too late!

Lagging along, up goes Maddick, his big head rolling from side to side like a bloodhound’s. He almost falls, breaking his silly neck when a ghost-pale hand grabs his ankle:

- Maddick, come to me – Francesca begs from the shadow of her hiding place, showing him the soft, porcelain complexion of her belly. The fool drools, his eyes light up, fists start to open and close mechanically, but at the very moment he decides to indulge in the long anticipated pleasure a ray of sunshine hits his face. Startled by it Maddick runs 



- I’ve found her! I’ve found her!

Francesca crawls out from under the stairs on all fours, hurries down to the abandoned infirmary. She falls in front of Mora:

- Mother, help me! – but the witch just lifts up her skirt:

- Help yourself, child!

Mortified Francesca stumbles upon Clove, playing with lice he had collected in the damp linen. He chuckles like a baby when Francesca lays him down on one of the deathbeds. She unties his pants. Takes out his penis bringing it to size by a gentle, awkward touch. Clove’s face shines in a wide, oblivious smile, then Francesca throws off her dress and sits on Clove, biting her lips. Clove can’t suppress his giggle watching Francesca move up and down. Clove can’t resist but to neigh, when he feels himself spilt, spent inside of her, the role of her pony makes him giggle even more. Only when she dismounts does he see blood covering his crotch. He pushes her aside and howls terrified she had hurt him, so the crew runs down from their cabins.

- Whore! – growls Libero hitting Francesca over her mouth

The very next moment...          - He shouldn’t have done that!