Finally despair seems to be Libero’s only able crewman, as fools indulge themselves in senseless blame and disorienting delusion. Libero sits in the sun that is mocking him with its brilliance. The scribe is at his feet, like a dog, the captain is free with his words, knowing they are caught like flies by the pen-like spider fingers and put down on paper:

- Salvation is at hand at all times, but where is the hand? Who must pay so that the others can have it free?

Captain’s eyes fall on Francesca trying to cheer up the twins with a ball made of rags. Malchick, the dwarf, sits smoking sawdust rolled in a poem he stole from the hunchback. Christina discusses church matters with her breasts.

- If those who owe have to pay, then they feel the burden – the truth strikes Libero – but if those who neither have drank nor have anything to pay with, if innocent are forced to settle the bill, then those in debt will feel the blessing…

- He’s in there, lying in his blood… – Rasap walks by, with blood oozing from his wound to his chest – A lie is not a lie if you say you won’t and then you die!

Premonition follows, biting his lip: where do all these wonderful lines come from. For a moment Libero


finds patience, and when the living corpse passes he orders:

- Quick, call everyone for a meeting in my quarters!

In less than half an hour Libero’s cabin is full.

- Where’s Mora? Where’s Clove? – ask Even and Odd.

- We don’t need the witch! We don’t need the fool! – announces Sibelius and Libero takes charge of the gathering: 

- We are aground on a finger of God! It’s a finger pointing upwards, to the heaven, a finger pointing where one of us must go, in order for the rest of us to proceed to the promised land…

- What? – interrupts Malchick, dwarves having the inherent ability to recognize when someone’s being singled out, but the other hush him up for Libero to reveal the plan:

- We have a virgin amongst ourselves, and who but a virgin can ascend where the finger of God is pointing to? So we must do what needs to be done and slay us a virgin in order for us to be on our way, to set the ship free…

- Aye! – the crowd approves.

- No! – the twins cry – Francesca! Where is Francesca?

It only happens she...          - Where is Francesca?