- Captain, stop this madness! – Even and Odd grab the next fool trying to preventing him from jumping over.

Libero paces the deck wrapped in his cape like a dark cloud, his eyes are two crazy flashes of lightning.

- Captain, please!

- Quiet, let me think!

- Captain! – Even and Odd contort in shock.

- From now on whoever attempts to jump overboard will be executed!

Sibelius is pale, in awe with the captain, half of his finger-quills broken in a febrile effort to record all the grisly events.

The fools stop.

Their captain will take care of them. He’ll decide what’s best for them. Some who have jumped and failed to drown beg from the waves to be lifted aboard. No one minds them. Everything is as it is.

The sun gets bigger, grows more merciless.

People grow tired, defeated. The lunacy subsides leaving room for starvation to sneak in. The Deliverance is beaten and broken, like an old


prostitute hurt for not being recognized by her former patron.

The ship is now listing heavily. Francesca grips the railing, reaching for an apple carried away by the current. Malchick beats his face with his fists:

- You should’ve stayed in the circus, you duck! 

- I’m thirsty. My throat hurts – Even admits.

The brothers check the level of water below. Odd nods his head:

- We’ve got nothing left to lose.

They see Mora help herself to sea water:

- Try it, it’s good! – the witch laughs – Almost as good as dying!

Clove and Premonition lie together, embracing. The hunchback teaching the idiot his last poem. It is a magnificent elegy about an olive stuffed peacock courting a roasted goose. 

Libero, the captain, inspects the crew entertained by the power his words seem to have on the fools.

- It’s all my fault – Odd voice trembles – If I had never been born, you wouldn’t be here.

- Yes, it’s true – Even hugs his brother – It’s all my fault.

Finally despair seems to be...          - It’s not fair!