- Help, we're sinking!

Somehow the Deliverance managed to find a deadly reef in the middle of the Mediterranean. Libero bends over the side. The sea still simmers, but the storm is subsiding. He climbs the mast to scan the horizon, then climbs below. The Deliverance is taking water fast, like an old lady crying herself to sleep. The sick look at Libero, move in around him on stumps and elbows and bellies, like kittens rub their faces against his boots.

- We have to set her afloat!

- Repent, my children, confess, before is too late – Christina tugs Clove behind her by his hair, like a donkey.

Francesca takes pity on Rasap and removes the handle from the axe in his head. The blade stays embedded in his mind, his eyes lost, his language not making any sense:

- Too much fluid around us…

- Quick, the infirmary is flooding! – Mora calls. Some patients escape on their own, faces smeared with fear like with marmalade. Even and Odd help them to the deck spinning in confused circles:


- Captain, what should we do?

- I don’t know, we’re too heavy, everything’s heavy, life is heavy – Libero is overwhelmed by the chaos. Why don’t people… why doesn’t God love him?

But fools scatter all over the ship like fleas on a dog searching for anything that can be moved, hoisted, lifted, thrown overboard.

Those who can move run – barrels of water can’t run, over the rail with them! Sacks of bread, over the rail! A beggar with no legs, over the rail!  Mora fights for each dying body.

- Didn’t you hear the captain! – Maddick and the mongoloids grab another patient to drag him out.

Up, and one, two, three, overboard! Hey, this is funny. Look, he cannot swim, look he’s drowning!

- The barrels! – the next moment all the food is served in the sea, seagulls screech in pleasure. 

Another man, and another end up in water. Some jump in by themselves. They want to unburden the ship, set it afloat. They know they are deadweight, the mere fact that they have someone to sacrifice for makes them smile.

- Captain, stop this madness!          A floating sanatorium...