- Fools! Help me! – pleads Libero – There’s a new land for us across the sea, land of milk and honey, fresh meat roasting on a golden spit and silk-skinned maidens…

- Hah, what are your silk-sinned maidens to us – out steps Christina, wet hair sticking to her face like a fearsome mask – Virgin Mother of God is the one we bow to!

- There is land to the north – shouts Rasap, and even the storm seems to stop to listen – let those who prefer not to follow you get off there…

- What? – Libero produces his sheep-skull scepter – Land? There’s no land for those who don’t believe in heaven…

- Then you’ll discuss it further with the blade of my axe! – Rasap charges forward, but the very next moment he is surrounded by the gang of mongoloids.

- Brothers – he shouts – to my aid!

Only there are no brothers to answer his call, the rest of the mutineers stand aside, interested in what will happen next.

- Brothers? – mumbles crazy Christina – Father is the proper way to address the bishop, and from now on I demand to be addressed as either that or your holiness.


- Traitors! – screams Rasap in rage before, swinging his axe, he plows into the ring of mongoloids. The rest of the crew, Even and Odd including, steps back in dread.

The axe zooms through the air only to get buried in the main mast, but Rasap shakes off the guards and leaps for Libero’s throat:

- Die, you lunatic! – with the storm scowling over him.

At that moment Maddick drops from the mast like a cannon ball, grabs the axe and before Libero can yell:

- No, my son, no! – he strikes Rasap with it between the eyes.

Instantly, a terrible blow hits the aged body of the Deliverance, shaking it from the keel up to the cracked tip of the main mast.

Fools fall to their knees, Even over Odd, in a violent quake, as if Poseidon himself had caught the ship in his fist.

In shock Libero reaches for the axe embedded in the young man’s head, halving it like an apple, but caution stays his hand:

- Rasap, are you with us?  

- My appetite maybe, my stomach no – the stricken man whispers and the ship comes to a dead halt.

- Help, we're sinking!          - You might say we’re reefed?