- You can't end every page with a description of sky! – Nasha rebels, eating pancakes, putting on a bra and reading through the work he did last evening all at the same time.

- Oh, and why's that? – Oblak's already brushing his teeth.

- Well it has to have some deeper, more profound meaning...

- But it does – he uses his toothbrush to point to the screen – the changes of the sky represent the shifting of the moods, dark perplexities of the mind, dimmed depths of the soul…

- Exhausted inspiration of the author… – she’s already out the door buttoning up her jeans on the way – C’mon, got to run!

Ten minutes later they are saying goodbye in front of Sam’s Bagels. She kisses him on the mouth. He gropes her behind.

- See you! See you! – and – Love you! Love you!

Fifteen minutes later there are three white Pinches, a Collie, a Schnauzer, a Doberman, and a pocket-sized Chihuahua tied to the same parking meter in front of  Sam’s Bagels.

None of the regular customers dare to use tables on the sidewalk outside of the shop. They are all


crammed inside, waiting in line, with Nasha holding a lecture on her experience of living in socialism, and Oblak fixing them sandwiches with mayonnaise instead of ketchup, and mustard on cheese.

By the time Neil gets there, Nasha and Oblak have an entire class of sixth grade girls from a nearby private school, in uniforms and all, singing “The Internationale”.

Before he has a chance to intervene the dogs get loose and storm the shop. Pinches zero in on Neil biting the seat of his trousers. The Doberman proceeds to make violent love to his right leg, and girls swarm around the Collie cooing.

- What is the meaning of this? – Neil demands.

- Can I help you with something, buddy? – Oblak offers him a sesame seed sprinkled bagel bun on a plate, but when he mechanically accepts it, the bun jumps to its feet barking in an unmistakably Chihuahua voice.

- You are fired! – screams Neil, Pinches hanging by their teeth from his pants, schoolgirls giggling.

- But I don’t even work here – laughs Oblak waiting for Nasha to get her jacket – and neither does she.

- You know – Nasha says – what every sea journey needs is a good storm!


As ominous waves spill...