Francesca screams. Wakes from a dream of greedy hands grabbing her into Maddick’s wet embrace. The Delivarence stretches creaking in the early morning. People piss over board, fight for breakfast with seagulls, yawn, fart, spit. A damsel in distress? The crew is too groggy to even stand around and watch. The hysteric virgin shrieks, like a seagull stealing a crust of bread. Maddick pins his bride against the planks of the bridge, lifts her dress to unwrap her white flesh, bites her bare thigh. Her fighting him makes it only sweatier. At the very moment the poor girl starts to contemplate surrender Libero blasts out of his cabin like a bull. His rage makes the air around him simmer:

- Maddick, you animal, stop that now!

The crew sobers up from the sheer force Libero’s body is emanating. He grows into a mountain. Swings fiercely his sheep-skull scepter landing it on the violator’s back. Once, twice. Maddick groans. Three times. Maddick falls to his knees. Francesca hides behind the captain’s back.

- Touch her again, you mad dog, and I’ll break your


every bone! You hear, people, whoever lays a hand on this girl shall suffer the wrath from my hands!

Libero puts his warm palm on Francesca’s fluttered face, like a father or at least an uncle.

- Good thing she’s not a widow – a harsh faceless voice dares to murmur before there is a clasp of hands followed by a hurray! for the brave captain who conquered the mad beast. The same beast which is now spat on and stomped on by a squadron of Libero’s faithful mongoloids.

- Captain, we have to talk to you! – roused from their heavy sleep, Even and Odd touch Libero’s arm.

- No, not now! - he dismisses them hovering over Francesca.

- But it’s very important – the twins insist.

- Later! – Libero commands leaving for his cabin where Sibelius awaits him to commit to paper captain’s new brave deeds.

- It’s getting cold! – Odd hugs his brother. And really, there is a sudden chilliness in the air. Mist recedes, revealing only the view of the dark frowning clouds.

As ominous waves spill...          - You can't end every page...