The sea is a pot of oily opaque darkness. The moon spies over the tired body of the Deliverance, its crew clustered across the deck. Such an adventurous day! But not everyone has surrendered to the consolation of Hypnos, the God of Dreams.

- Do you hear that? – Odd touches Even’s leg.

- That’s Rasap’s voice! – twirled between the coils of rope the twins try to get up unnoticed.

- People, I’m telling you, there is land less than a mile to the north. We’re not that far out yet. I see it, believe me – Rasap whispers to a small group around him, the same group Libero had a few hours ago designated to set free the unruly rascal.

- So we can go back? – Christina scratches between her legs mechanically.

- There it is! – Rasap points at the hollow night – Can’t you see it?

The fools are inclined to nod their heads, although they don’t even dare to look, afraid they might not see any salvation.

- So, what are we waiting for, let’s summon Libero and turn back! – Malchick smiles with his brown teeth which in the dark enhance the gaping effect of his meaty mouth.


- Wait! Libero won’t do it, he’s crazy! – Rasap grabs the dwarf by the arm and the small group gets more interested in the subject. The captain crazy? How can that be? – He’s got nothing to turn back for, back there he’s just a fool, here he’s the captain, and where he’s taking us he’ll be a king! – Rasap looks in the eyes of his fellow-outcasts, devoted to his cause like a barrister sure of his client’s innocence.

- I heard Libero killed a widow who gave him shelter – a harsh faceless voice dares.

- See? – Rasap is quick to welcome his new witness.

Seven, eight heads bobble in abhorrence.

- He’s going to burn in hell! – Christina makes a sign of a cross nervously chewing on strings of her hair.

- Hey, what’s that noise – Mora, the witch climbs up from the below - You’re waking up my patients!

- Hush! – Rasap warns to silence.

- Go to sleep, or I call the captain! – Mora picks her crooked nose. The moon sits on her shoulder laughing.

- What is going on? – Even and Odd tremble watching conspirators obey the old hag.

Francesca screams.          - Get to sleep...