The shouts followed by the sound of the broken glass startle Nasha. In the faint glow of streetlights she looks at Oblak sleeping. She considers waking him up. The brawling, homeless drunks decide not to invade their humble home after all. But the girl next door starts her midnight guitar lesson. It reminds Nasha of a tarantula running across the piano, intestines. After fifteen minutes of finger exercises she’ll attempt to play “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. Only to fail miserably.

It’s Libero. He’s not normal. He’s insane in a most dangerous way. He’s so out of his mind that he appears to be perfectly okay. The twins should watch out for him.

Anyone who’d want to lead anyone else, or indeed everybody else, has to be mad. Anyone who claims to know the way we all can be saved is either a liar or a nut. And everybody else, if they believe someone would lead them out of their own individual problems, they’re crazy too. Only that’s the way it is – people simply love to follow a psychopath.

- Soooo, so you think you can tell… - Nasha hears the girl next door humming, but her fingers can’t go where her mind wants them to go.


If she repeats it enough times the whole world will fall asleep, Nasha thinks, before she herself drifts to sleep.

Oblak wakes up when that tarantula trips over a wrong wire. Takes him a minute or so to realize it’s still too early. Look at her, he thinks to himself watching Nasha, nothing ever upsets her dreams. Whereas he can barely close his eyes without getting sick to his stomach – feels like sleeping on a waterbed. There’s something wrong with Libero. How was it that the fools elected him captain? Was it Plato who said that democracy is the worst possible form of government? Just a notch above being ruled by a barbarian tyrant. A person who is not ruled by one’s self, falls prey to the promise of the system, all one gets is a lease on the illusion of security. It is the people who guarantee the existence of the state, and not the state that guarantees the existence of the people. If a price of a gallon of gas goes up to $2.50, in what way will it mirror the world we’re living in?

In the distance he recognizes the sound of the ambulance sirens. Hopes they’re coming to take that crazy guitar girl away.


But before he can...