- Well, that’s just tough, because I’m God today! – with a crack of a whip brays a bony, ash-skinned woman strapped in black leather. Tips of her breasts showing through the cut out holes of her top. Her graying, frizzled hair sticks to her sweat sodden face as she chases down the hall a man doing his best to walk on all fours in a pale pink tutu and matching fluffy slippers attached to the lobes of his ears with clothespins.

- That must hurt – notes Oblak unlocking the door to their apartment. Nasha doesn’t want to watch:

- Not as quiet as the manager claimed… - she argues bringing inside a day’s worth of shopping.

- But it’s certainly colorful – he says, casually eyeing the woman chastising her make-believe poodle bitch, her shiny black costume has convenient holes on the behind as well.

The apartment is small, but bigger then they can afford. There’s a liquor store just around the corner, at least that’s what the manager said, a scruffy, thin fellow with fingers ink stained from doing crossword puzzles all day. Later they’ll find out every apartment in America comes with a liquor


store just around the corner, it is one of the basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

They put the groceries in the fridge. Their American fridge. So big they’ve decided to sleep in it when the heat becomes unbearable. Outside, in front of the building there’s a brand new 1993 Nissan Altima, only eighty-five thousand miles, a bargain. All they now need is a TV set to become real Americans. But they can’t afford it.

He sits at the computer with a bucket of chocolate chip ice cream; she falls in bed with a bag of potato chips. They should be thinking about the story. Instead she hugs a volume of Russell’s “A History of Western Philosophy” finding proof for their existence on every page, with every new era:

- Did you know that Leucippus… 

He’s playing 1987 Sid Meier’s “Pirates!” trying for hours to conquer Cartagena from the sea, but his war galleons are simply too slow to dodge the gunfire from the fort.

- You’re crazy! – she cannot understand him preferring computers to philosophy.

- No – ship’s guns reload – you’re crazy.


- You’re all out of your minds!