The very next moment a dozen desperate creatures jump overboard, intent on swimming over to the battle ship.

- Stop you, fools! – cries Libero from the main mast, his black cape flapping in the wind like the wings of a crow.

The seamen of the Cerberus wager on whether any of the idiots will reach them, but when some close in, the soldiers cock their muskets and start shooting at the swimmers.

- Murderers! - howls Libero, as the sea around the Deliverance turns red as if from a slaughter of seals. The fools answer in a demented choir of bellows, barks and misarticulated despair. The scribe spits on his tinted quill-shaped fingernails – WE ARE LOST! – he writes in his book. Swift and merciless, the Cerberus is soon but a dark spot on the horizon.

Now Maddick disappears below deck to violate the dying women from the infirmary. Kicks Clove’s behind for luck. Christina exclaims she has the best pair of tits of  all the bishops:

- The Pope should make me a cardinal!

The crooked rhymesmith Premonition recites his ode


to a tulip to a school of mongoloids:

- Isn’t that the flower that looks like a vagina?

Even and Odd bury themselves in the ropes, Even drying Odd’s eyes with the torn sleeve of their shirt.

- The sea! – screams innocent Francesca – The sea is going to drown our sins!

She takes off her shoes to not get them wet waiting for her final hour, pale and still as a virgin candle.

Rasap, as mad as the devil that spawned him, beats on the helm with a rusty axe he had dislodged from a rat-gnawed skeleton bellow.

When Libero flies down from his nest to prevent him from making even grater damage:

- Brace yourselves, you cursed souls! Not all is lost!

The startled fools gaze at him like he’s going to lay an egg.

- Let’s choose the most worthy amongst us to lead us out of this predicament! – Libero offers.

The fools are amused, they stick out their pale tongues to show just how much:

- I want to be a king! I want to be a cardinal! I want to be a God!

- You’re all out of your minds!          - Well, that’s just tough...