- Dont be stupid, nobody ever died from not being published. Besides, the story is not finished yet Nasha turns pages of the Recycler in search for the best-buy second hand car.

- Im not so sure. People just dont like us. Look at this for example Oblak holds out a yellow business card in his hand. The lady motel-receptionist, a tiny woman speaking fluent Korean, like the rest of her family employed in the upkeep of the motel, gave them this card with the name of an apartment management agency. Not too much expensive, the lady had said, her eyes watery crescent moons.

She wants to get rid of us. Weve been here for, how long, four, five days and shes already fed up with us.

- Maybe shes just trying to help Nasha circles an ad for a nine years old Nissan Altima.

- Sure, like those kind souls sending people off on ships of fools. They wanted to help too. With enemies like those, who needs friends.

- Its actually not historically proven that these ships were ever organized she tries to calm him down, but hes already decided hes getting depressed, immediately:


- They would sent half of the town to perish on the open sea Oblak squirms I wonder who was left on shore at all. I would much rather consider the two of us as the descendents of the people on the ship. Because we sure dont belong on the shore.  And, you know, if it is true that there are no statutes of limitation for murder, we could put on trial, the whole nation of shore-people, in our time, five centuries later, for the mass murder of our ancestors...

- Here, I have the number, we could try with this Altima, what do you say? Nasha reads the ad Seems like a good deal.

- Okay, so call.

- No you call, I have an accent. People dont trust me.

- Lame excuse. Besides, in this city everybody has to have an accent, just like they need to have cars. Were lucky we already have one. Now we just need that other thing, so call.

- You call.

- You.

- No, you a teen on an electric scooter drives by.

- Maybe we could get us one of those.


The very next moment...