- What is their crime? – Judge coldly observes the dismal group driven to the side of the old caravel, the Deliverance.

- They are Antichrists, good-for-nothings, bad blood and bad luck for our town! – the men holler, the women scream, small children throw rocks and spit on the condemned.

- And these here? – Judge points at Even and Odd.

- To the ship with them too!

- No, wait! – a voice rings out – Those two are mine!

- Who said that? – Judge demands.

- I’m Barnabas – a short man with a round, oily face shining like the Moon steps out. His clothes are crumpled, his shoes smeared with loam. Eyes burning like cinder.

- You are the father? – Judge plucks his brow.

- I know him – a woman with red hands, sleeves rolled up above her elbows pushes through – he’s the circus owner!

- I’ve put everything I have into those two – Barnabas fends her off, with the mob murmurs relentlessly:

- To the ship with the lot of them! Send them off with the rest!

- Quiet! - Judge thunders – Here is my verdict! If these boys are to stay, they won’t belong to the circus. But if they are to be in one, they


are freaks and they most certainly belong on the ship.

The mob howls in ecstasy. Barnabas, his face pallid as if cast in plaster, looks irately at the twins, who are now shoved towards the end of the port where the Deliverance awaits.

Some of its misfortunate crew walks up the gangway of their own free will, grinning, singing obscene songs in a strange, broken up language. Like Rasap, Judge’s illegitimate son, who spits before his fathers’ feet and walks to the ship with hands in his pockets. Town guards escort a dark figure in chains:

- It’s Libero! – the spectators murmur in shock – The Beast!

A family of noble folk surrounds a girl in white, calling for a priest. Hot wind picks up the girl’s veil.

- Francesca, will you marry Don Alonzo? – asks the priest.

Don Alonzo has an appearance of a bloated frog and an evil eye. He licks his lips, rubs the back of his head.

- Never! – says the girl, so Don Alonzo’s mother screams:

- Take her away! – they push the girl among the passengers climbing the narrow plank, coaxed or frightened by the booing, violent crowd.

The whole town is here. Small boys are

... blowing trumpets...           ... boarding the plane...