a book served with a knife


“Twinned” is a book project in which we intended to make the form an important part of the story. It is equally true to say this is one story as it would be to say there are actually two stories. In other words, in the same way the form of the book relates to its contents, the content mirrors the form of the book. There are two distinct times and places in the story, as well as two sets of characters, which can be grouped into story A and story B.

Story A takes place in the late Middle Ages. A pair of conjoined twins escapes from a traveling freak show, along with the rest of the “exhibits”. The twins end up on a ship laden with fools, retards, the sick and the rejected, which is towed to the open see. In this fashion “the normal world” is purged of the “filth”. Afloat, on a ship with no navigator, captain or any provisions, the fools are condemned to die.

This is the story that is readable without potential reader’s physical intervention (cutting up the conjoined pages with the knife accompanying the volume) on the book itself. It is a complete story and does not hint that anything is hidden from the reader. It is left up to the reader’s curiosity and ingenuity to discover the other, missing story, story B.

Story B is a contemporary story about a pair of writers who are the authors of the story A. Naturally, this means they have a deeper insight in the events and characters of the story A. It is their version of the story A that would change and complete the entire story of the book, thus transforming both story A and story B into a new story (lets call it story C).

The intention of such development of the narrative is to show that a pair works with not one, not two, but with three either separate or conjoined identities. In the same way that Natalija and Ognjen as authors have three identities at their disposal (Natalija’s, Ognjen’s and the third, mutual one, one they refer to as “we”, and others refer to as “them”), the story of this book has three identities (story A, B and C, where C=A+B). The intention is to recreate the same alchemy by which in life three persons are derived from two (1+1=3).


If anyone is interested in having a copy of the actual book, contact us and we'll see what can be done.