2003. (85 min.)

directed by: Greg Pak

screenplay by: Greg Pak

cast: Tamlyn Tomita, James Saito, Greg Pak...

03/13/04 - Laemmle Fairfax - 11272 Beverly Blvd. LA - 5:35 pm

To view this film as a sci-fi would be doing it a great injustice. It's a movie about humans, but since the majority of humanity would resent going to see a film called "Human Stories" Greg Pak had to resort to such understandable trickery. A very unusual thing - before the show the total audience of seven was addressed by the movie's producer who thanked us for deciding to come to the theatre instead of going to the beach. Guess there is hope for the independent film after all. As for the four stories of this omnibus, each of them is light and unobtrusive (both in the very best meanings of the words) in translating the message that it is a biological impossibility to stay alone for too long.