Also poola [Tswana.]

1. Rain. Freq. used as int.: in southern Africa, a traditional salute or expression of good luck.
1827 G. THOMPSON Trav. & Adv. S. Afr. I. 180 Mattebe..waved the point [of his assagai] towards the heavens, when all called out ‘Poola!’ i.e. rain or a blessing. 1842 R. MOFFAT Missionary Labours & Scenes S. Afr. xxi. 350 The audience shouted, ‘Pùla’, (rain,) on which he sat down amidst a din of applause. 1934 in C. P. Swart Africanderisms (M.A. thesis, Univ. S Afr.) s.v., When Prince George..uttered the traditional Basuto salute ‘Pula’ which means rain, a wave of enthusiasm swept the natives in the council chamber. 1974 S. Afr. Panorama Mar. 38/2 ‘Pula!’ shouted the excited crowd of Bantu children.
2. The principal monetary unit of Botswana, consisting of one hundred thebe; a note of this value.
1976 Eastern Province Herald (S. Afr.) 23 Aug. 1 Botswana's new currency, the pula, will be introduced today. 1976 Whitaker's Almanack 1977 980 Botswana... Monetary unit... Pula.