Portable Chapbook Exchange Archive                            -- 10/29/08

As of today, all activity (as well as the lack of any activity) re: PCEA is suspended until further notice.

Live well & eat well as well!

NeOPP invites all presses and individuals to send us their chapbooks in exchange for any preferred or available NeOPP title at a copy-per-copy rate. Interested parties should contact us at neopp [ at ] tashogi [  dot  ] com (please note that only limited quantities of NeOPP titles will be available).

The nature of this Archive will be such that we’ll hang on to it until it is no longer "portable" (depending on our particular circumstances). At that time we will dispose of it in a dignified manner: offer it to whomever is willing to handle it for (probably) no compensation at all.


Titles available for exchange:

1 copies of Facial Geometry by Neil de la Flor, Maureen Seaton & Kristine Snodgrass

1 copies of Without Weight of Light by Guy Bennett

3 copies of Here, Hunger by Sarah Lilius & Erin M. Bertram

3 copies of Welcome Home by Samuel Wharton

3 copies of Dead Aria by William Gillespie


Titles in the archive:

Apostolides, Jean-Marie. Sade in the Abyss. ?: Nel Mezzo della Vita, 2003.

Bates, R. C. Life Goes On and On and On. Los Angeles: Reel Cool Publishers, 2003.

Bates, R. C. Who Cares. Los Angeles: Reel Cool Publishers, 2004.

Birman, Lisa & Josepha Conrad. O: A Conversation. Boulder: Movie Press, 2004.

Monfort, Nick & William Gillespie. 2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words. Urbana: Spineless Books, 2002.

Pagliarani, Elio. Selected Poems: Elio Pagliarani in America. New York: Agincourt, 2004.

Panduras, Doctor. The Theoretical Posture. ?: Nel Mezzo della Vita, 2002.

Sprague, Joe. Rebellion in the People's Republic of the Southeast Heights. ?: Nel Mezzo della Vita, 1999.

Waldrop, Rosmarie & Keith. Light Travels. Providence: Burning Deck, 1992.