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This novel is combined of two stories, one in the middle of the other. The first one has two young people driving to the coast – they’ll get there, but you’ll know it only because they’ll be driving back home next time you meet them.

In between, there is the second story, story of a man and a woman running away from an orange plantation owned by God. The man and the woman choose to make a life for themselves, out in the desert, away from the Old Man. He’s going to have to find someone else to pick his oranges for him.

raj je naš prvi roman. napisali smo ga još 1998. u zagrebu. tri godine kasnije poslali smo ga na natječaj porečkog pučkog otvorenog učilišta. prva nagrada je bila objavljivanje knjige, dakle, roman je pobijedio. zanimljiva stvar je da kada smo pisali taj roman nismo planirali završiti u californiji. zanimljiva stvar je i da je california baš onakva kakvom smo je opisali.

pritiskom na naslovnicu na raspolaganje besplatno dobivate cjeloviti tekst romana. uživajte!

koliko znamo ovaj roman se nikada nije našao u knjižarama, a ni u većini knjižnica, no zato negdje u poreču, u nekakvom skladištu, u nekakvom paketu ili kutiji leže stotine primjeraka. ukoliko ste zainteresirani da ih oslobodite kontaktirajte porečko pučko otvoreno učilište 

novel "Paradise" won the first prize at the "Laurus nobilis" Literary Contest of Poreč, Croatia

Now, when the results of the contest are known, and the secret of the author's identity revealed, I must admit that the paragraphs I underlined while reading receive their true meaning. Years of the escape from the plantation are not so important for the story itself.

More important is that Paradise had taken form of a most unusual unity, “unity of two parts, two of ten...” – these are the words of the Narrator, underlined by the reader, as they follow: “… two, the two who started this story and who will, if you give them half the chance, finish it.”

(from the Introduction by Julijana Matanovic)