1982. (117 min.)

directed by: Francis Ford Coppola

screenplay by: Armyan Bernstein

music by: Tom Waits

cast: Frederic Forrest (Hank), Teri Garr (Frannie), Raul Julia (Ray), Nastassia Kinski (Leila), Harry Dean Stanton (Moe)... 

12/27/03 - NUART THEATRE - 11272 Santa Monica Blvd. LA - 7:30 pm

The previews included Robert Altman's "The Company" to which one person applauded - possibly Robert Altman himself. When "One from the Heart" ended only one person applauded - guess Robert and Francis go to movies together.

"One from the Heart" is yet another story about two people who love each other so much they cannot stay together. Only this time they are boxed up in an elaborate movie set representing Las Vegas. What Coppola was aiming at was to show how shallow and superficial real Las Vegas is, but instead he made it that much harder for the actors who crash through the paper walls not often enough.

The score written and performed by Tom Waits is all you would expect - in fact, it so much more stronger and overwhelming than the movie itself, that the images get reduced to the visual part of a music video.

After twenty years this film was digitaly remastered (or what ever they do to the old movies) and shown for the first time in front of a theatre audience, for one week only - that's our excuse. For you to see it, you'll have to come up with a new one.