October 2004 Message Board back


It's out! Admit Two, No. 2! Out! O-U-T! So check it - out!

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Post-Halloween, pre-election issue - what could possibly be scarier than that? Tomorrow we expect to get swarmed by hoards of Lilliputian Democrat trick-or-treaters (haven't seen a Bush bumper-sticker around, not to mention a lawn ornament), first they'll take all our candy, then they'll urge us to do the right vote.

We plan to barricade ourselves in, stuff a towel under the door so the light doesn't show out in the hall, munch our Snickers and Reese's real quiet like, wash them down with some Wild Turkey, tough it out till November, 3rd - by that time the world is bound to end, will be the last survivors.

Of course, we could be wrong, in which case we invite you to browse through our splendid little site, visit our magazine (remember: Admit Two!), tell people about them, spread the word, not the flu; make love, not war; read more, and stop watching television before it makes your brain rot.




Well, we might as well tell you, first issue of "Admit Two" is already a month old, and second issue is already in the works, so if you're considering submitting something, hurry up.


There's tons of new and interesting stuff, just you wait - among other things, a short report from New College's panel on collaborative writing and thought - participating - yours truly!

So be on your toes or whatever you walk on.

Oh, yeah, and just a couple reminders:

- NeO Pepper Press has some books for you - order now or you'll be sorry later!

- POSTCARD - our novel of community involvement needs you - isn't that a nice thing, to be needed. Everybody should be needed by someone, and everybody should need everybody else in return. 

- and last but not least - there are some new and some old faces on our Celebrity Sightings page - check them out, and remember:

You can be a celebrity too,

if you get recognized by us!

Catch you later.