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Ever heard of a magazine that goes under moniker - PROJECTED LETTERS? No? Well, get to know it; new, November/December issue is online now. Among other interesting and exciting writings there is a piece obscurely titled "The Event Rose", kindly labeled by PL editors as a critical/fiction hybrid. You might be familiar with the authors of the said hybrid. Okay, enough suspense, yes, it's us, and in it, among other interesting and exciting things, we're doing to V. S. Naipaul's "A Way In the World" what little children do to dead flies - pure scientific research. So enjoy.

And just to repeat the lesson:




Six days later and America is still deep in silence. Six days after the New World Order got its stamp of approval, citizens of this country are peacefully sitting under the shade of the apple tree with their sleeves picturesquely rolled-up. While the first news of election fraud are timidly popping up on independent web-sites, the nation refuses to be bothered. So what if they stole the elections once again? John Kerry said it was over, so it must be over, right? We have work to do, kids to feed, catch “Desperate Housewives”... After all, there must be someone whose job is to determine the irregularities with voting machines, and provisional ballots and why were the exit polls showing one result and the final outcome was completely opposite. There must be someone who gets paid to find out why my vote was stolen? There must be someone who will file the complaint, I really don't have time to spend on politicians, because it's their game, they win whichever way the table turns. There must be someone who will fight my fight for the democracy. There must be.


115.409.172 Americans voted for killing of men, women and children in Iraq, more than 115 millions of Americans voted for war. If that's not a reason enough to feel guilty and do something, then there is no reason not to use the words like “silent approval of genocide” and “accessory to mass murder”. Four years ago there was an excuse for this generation, it happened for the first time. They stole the White House. There was nothing we could do about it. We never saw it coming.


It took 1460 days after Florida 2000, 48 months in which people, Democrats, Progressives, Independents, Republicans, Blacks, Reds, Greens, and the rest of the political spectrum, all who at least one moment in their lives felt patriotic, responsible, philanthropic, neighborly, motherly or fatherly, devoted human rights activists and freedom fighters did NOTHING. In 4 years after the crime over most basic civil liberties was committed the people of America did nothing to prevent it from happening again. They kept quiet, they kept comfortable, they didn't deserve democracy. And guess what - didn’t get it, they lost it, democracy is dead, Americans didn't take care of her and she died on them. Because people thought it's someone else's concern, because they just switched to the next channel instead of turning off the Mind Eraser Box altogether.


Now the enemies are “corn-cobs”, and Christian fundamentalists, and Kerry who let down his voters. Now, some people say we should all get drunk or demand separation from the “Red States”. But Kerry didn't do anything he hasn’t done before. Didn’t he let you down the moment he decided to go after the right-wing vote? Was he the anti-war candidate? What liberties did he promise to secure for you? And what about those you so fondly refer to as “corn-cobs”? Don’t they need knowledge and education and information same as you “Blue State” dwellers need it? Do you really believe that your particular variety of insanity, your social coma is superior to their self-righteousness? Open your eyes, people! You don't convert people of opposite conviction or people of different religion to what you believe in. You convert yourself, you look into your head or soul or computer program, whatever you discover planted in your chest or in that storage space perched up on your neck and ask yourself what did you do to protect democracy. Freedom is never given, it must be taken.


We went to a peace protest last weekend in Hollywood, only a small group of enthusiasts showed up tirelessly chanting “Free Iraq”, “Free Palestine”, “Free Haiti”. But what about

“Free America”?

Free it of indifference and conformism, free it of self-delusion and cowardice. Intellectuals, where are you? You betrayed this nation; secure in ivory towers of prestigious universities you are playing it safe, safe and selfish. When was the last time you gave a lecture in a poor neighborhood? When was the last time you visited those “Red States” to share your views with the people who live there? It was much easier to sign the unconditional support for John Kerry, man who made no pretense he was going to leave Iraq, who never mentioned it is time to stop corporate crime, man who never addressed corruption in the mainstream media. Get out of your fat, warm wholes and let your voices be heard, if you still have them!


There is a new prejudice being pushed in media about the Democratic Party becoming the party of minorities. Which would be perfectly fine if that fact would be respected, if the minorities would really be designing the politics of this party. But the truth is the Democrats are caring for minorities only when it’s time to shove them into voting booths. Behind the notion "we have become the minority party" lurks the racist idea that it's actually the fault of people of color that other white folks "didn't vote for us". America, wake up, you are being hypnotized and put asleep in order for the powerful to become more powerful.


Wake up, America! One is not a citizen only to work and be silent and be entertained. Turn off your TVs and start thinking, start collecting information, start looking for knowledge. World doesn't need an ownership society, world needs a society of knowledge and freedom.


Does anyone remember words of Martin Niemoeller, German Protestant Pastor:

First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists, and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.


Think about it, November 2nd, didn’t they come for homosexuals? And aren’t they coming for the Muslims? Think about it.

Start thinking, America!


Sites on which you can find information about election irregularities: 



In an unexpected turn of events we have commenced work on our community-novel "POSTCARD". There's just 999 postcards to go - thanks to Maja from Berlin. Our guess is it'll take us anywhere between three and twenty years to finish it, but, hey, we're ambitious! If you want to become a part of our project follow this link (I WANNA A PIECE OF THE ACTION!). Or if you are a strong, silent, voyeur type, you can monitor our progress here (I'M A STRONG, SILENT, VOYEUR TYPE, I JUST LIKE TO WATCH). Whatever the mode or the mood, we'd like you to get involved, and whatever those other people say, we REALLY care about you! Not as much as we care about ourselves, but enough not to try to trick you into buying anything. Didn't you hear - thinking is for free. So think about it and let us know.