March 2005 Message Board back


There's lots of things going on, so it might be best, yes, why not, to make a list... so, without further ado, here it goes (read this through if you aim to be well-informed):

The List

- To Whom It May Concern! (and to everyone else's delight),

we have finished our first novel in English (no translation, no cheating), it's a terse little thing in the very best sense of the word, and is about to be published by Who Knows Who Press in this or that month of this or that year, or not; or in other words, we're looking for a publisher who's not afraid of making no money at all, to have his/her/their name emblazoned on the pages of history in the process.

The thing is titled "Mr. & Mrs. Hide", and it's about anything the title might bring to your mind, and then some... Yes, we are being overly secretive, but it's only because throngs of literary agents are battling over who'll get the rights to indebt the posterity etc. etc. The other reason is that (and we've just learned this from a highly confidential source) the Part One of "Mr. & Mrs. Hide" will be featured in the May Issue of, believe it or not, "Admit Two" the only online magazine of collaborative writing. But in order to keep all our fans simmering over low yet steady flame we have designed a promotional video of extremely poor quality. It is made entirely by the two of us, and believe you us, we have spared no effort in creating a masterpiece celebrating a masterpiece. Indeed, it is our intention to do a short film for each of the six parts of the novel, and present them on these here pages. Only, make sure to visit us regularly since the frugal webspace we have on our disposal does not suffice to accommodate all six films simultaneously. Nevertheless, and time permitting, we should be able to contrive a DVD of a sort, but don't order your copy yet... better make your favorite publisher invest few coins in our book first. In any case, and admit it, this is what you all have been waiting for, we give you:

"Mr. & Mrs. Hide"

now available through this exclusive video presentation

(click to your right!)  Part One

(Windows Media Player preferred)


- on a brighter note; our story "The Event Rose", has appeared in "Crimson Feet", an online literary journal from India, so do hop over to their pages and check what other interesting things they might offer


- in a completely unexpected turn of events, "POSTCARD", our novel of community involvement and trust in the postal service, has progressed to its second paragraph (yes indeed, people, we're nearly there, so you better hurry up if you want to become a part of it!!!)


- and last but not least, a question for you:

Are you or are you not aware that the March Issue (No. 4) of "Admit Two" has been active for seventeen (17) days now? If not, please remedy your negligent behavior by browsing carefully through its contents


... yes! this is it, but we wouldn't relax if we were you, because who knows what crazy and bizarre things are we capable to come up with, so be on your toes, and have fun while you're at it!