(still) in the making


- Our individuality is achieved through duality. This gives us at least three identities to work with, his, hers and ours. Having a multiple personality is not a disorder for us, it's an advantage, allowing us to see more, perceive dimensions hidden from singular vision. In comparison to us, the rest of the world is blind. In comparison to us, the rest of the world is alone.

- There is a difference between having individuality and being an individual. In our individuality we are against the dictate of the singularity that society uses to keep its members under control. We are not two halves, we are two persons, two individualities, and we value these individualities very highly. It is actually by being together that we experience them more deeply.

- The majority of all groups and communities are such that an individual doesn’t matter as much as the group itself, he or she is always a minority. Like an ant in an anthill, disposable, replaceable. The only group that actually promotes the rights and the interests of an individual is a pair. It is in a pair that he or/and she manages to be a majority.

- It is no wonder that the modern society aims to destroy the pair, through separate work, separate gender roles, segregated sports, entertainment etc. It is no wonder every other marriage ends in divorce. It’s a part of the plan. Divide and conquer. Because if everybody’s doing it it has to be facilitated by the government. It’s a plan. It’s a scheme to separate as many people as possible, make them alone, and manageable, and weak, to have an army of drones with no voice or mind or anyone of their own. The two of us are trying to survive together in this world that is designed “for” the singular person, designed to exploit the individual and to process people as individuals since in that form they are most vulnerable and easiest to deal with. The cult of the individual is an institution with the sole purpose of making us all the same grains under one millstone. The idea of a pair is to oppose the grind.

- Why are there in the history of literature so few male and female writers writing together? There are at least two reasons. First one is sociological – the movement for women’s rights is relatively new so it was natural for women to first prove themselves individually, they had to show that they are capable of all things men are. The second reason is technological – a pair of writers needed the era of computers because it is this technology that made the job of simultaneous writing, editing and dialogue in general, much more natural, more seamless.

- We live together and therefore we write together. The world we live in is the world we make ourselves and we pack it with us, wherever we go. One has to be crazy to rely on the world one created. For us it goes double.

Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden                                                       01/05/04