2003. (117 min.)

directed by: Patty Jenkins

screenplay by: Patty Jenkins

cast: Charlize Theron (Aileen Wuornos), Christina Ricci (Selby Wall)...

12/28/03 - Laemmle Sunset 5 - 8000 Sunset Blvd. LA - 7:30 pm

Nicole Kidman had put on a nose in "The Hours", and look what it got her - a little man of gold. In "Monster", Charlize Theron puts on some 30 lbs, along with a nasty attitude, and with C. Ricci as a whining gay sidekick roams Florida highways collecting what she considers hers from more or less unsuspecting male victims.

Based on a true story? Well, aren't all stories usualy true anyway? "Monster" is of those films that are hardly fun to watch, but in the end one realizes films like those have to be made. And there's nothing in them to like, they are not supposed to be liked. There are movies that simply serve to transmit the message, to be, and to be seen.

And as for the little man with a golden... thing. Academy will have to give it to some lucky lady. So if they don't decide to give it to Gweneth for that unfortunate mistake called "Sylvia", they just might hand it to Chalize - sure thing, and after the ceremony they'll all stick around for the viewing of "Heaven's Gate" director's cut.