2003. (105 min.)

directed by: Sofia Coppola

screenplay by: Sofia Coppola, Ross Katz 

music by: Kevin Shields, Brian Reitzell

cast: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson... 

12/27/03 - Laemmle Fairfax - 11272 Beverly Blvd. LA - 4:30 pm

Do you really want to spend 105 minutes in a theatre waiting for Bill Murray to have his 2 minutes of "funny time". Nothing is sacred for Sofia Coppola. No, that's it - "nothing" is sacred for Sofia Coppola, and that's why she decided to make a movie about it. Nothing bothers her Scarlett. Nothing bothers good old Bill. In the end nothing gets on your nerves, and if this movie gets and Oscar it'll all be for - nothing. Besides nothing "Lost in Translation" is a lovely motion-picture-postcard from Tokyo - a city where everybody shold go at least once, but most never do.