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spineless books - experimental, utopian, and collaborative writing at its best


agent of chaos - steven b. smith & co.


mannequin envy - online magazine

of poetry & art


kaganof - the works of aryan kaganof

deep cleveland - perpetuating post-industrial literary culture & other types of cosmic enterprise in the service of the arts

predicate - a groundbreaking literary journal


brown paper publishing - a fine young independent press


crimson feet - a forum for creative labor


projected letters - the world's literary magazine


the salt river review - online literary magazine from mesa, az


quoi? l'eternite - a poetry-blog by ana bozicevic-bowling


tashogi at yahoo! - promo-page for our last novel: cover, posters...


admittwo - an online magazine of collaborative writing


get the tv out! - independent media links


knjigomat - croatian online literary magazine