March 2005 Message Board back


as you might have noticed there have been some changes to the site. among others these include a mild facelift, few more texts, few more links, and both of our previously published novels (at the moment available only in croatian). hopefully the navigation through the content has also been improved and simplified - to move around just click on the links to the left and right, or use the button/banner-like thingies at the bottom of the page. 



among other news the biggest is that we've moved changing West Coast for the Lake Erie coast, we realized that LA crime rate simply wasn't enough of a challenge, so after a 2400 mile drive we now inhabit the lovely Cleveland, Ohio, yes, the poorest city of 2004. and the cradle of hockey-poetry because:


HOCKEY! Life IS that fast!


so go ahead, check out the new and improved version of 'tashogi', and get back to us with any comments, updates, links, corrections, error reports and lucrative offers


in the meantime - stay good and be nice to other life forms (people included)!!!