January 2005 Message Board back


Is 2005 gonna be the best year yet or what?

As our own humble contribution we give you

Admit Two no. 3, the January issue

It's filled with things you can't find anywhere else (and that's only saying half of it), so hop over and click through its pages.

(Admit Two TM has been voted Best Irrational Time Consumption Venue, for the first year in a row by IFPWNNED, the International Federation of People With Nothing or Nothing Else to Do) 

Anyway, we're pleased, we worked hard and now we're reaping our justly deserved benefits, but, rest assured, we won't let fame and/or fortune corrupt us and influence our better judgment. We are ready to tackle these next twelve months and milk them for what they're worth and we suggest you do the same (only don't touch our months, find your own ones to milk).

So be Mary and if you're prevented from being Mary, be Frank, at least with yourselves.

(Mary and Frank TM Pun has been voted Best Sounding Pun That Doesn't Actually Mean All That Much for last few seconds in a row by IFUPwedon'twannaC, the International Federation of Universal Punditry and other word-games we don't wanna Comprehend)

Oh, and last, yes, you heard us, last, for those few deluded kids who regularly get trapped in our web-space attracted like flies to (okay, we'll be nice) honey, there are some new names/faces on our Celebrity Sightings list.

Just think how many hits we'd generate if we'd present them naked.

Hmmm, now there's an idea.