1916. (122 min.)

directed by: D. W. Griffith

screenplay by: D. W. Griffith and others



Just think - to watch Griffith's classic online - crazy, right? Who could've imagined people would use Internet to watch silent movies. But, compared to most of contemporary production "Intolerance" is as loud as it can be. It screams!

Plus - no one ever got a chance to mix up all the genres into one movie the way Griffith did. It seems he himself couldn't decide whether to make a historical saga, a romantic comedy or a social drama, so he made all of them and more.

It is a movie about the greatest, the most monumental achievement of the civilization - the human stupidity, and the fact that it doesn't change (except it only grows). What makes this movie larger than life is the Griffith's decision to save the Boy. In real life he would get his neck stretched for sure. Or would he?