February 2004 Message Board back


seen a bunch of movies but two were sort of forced on us - see 'minute movie review'!


how far can we push our will for the things we cannot do for ourselves to happen? it always seem everything hinges on one thing beyond our reach. there are no criteria, no conditions, terms or demands to be met. we are to be what we are and things are to be themselves regardless of what we want them to be. it is always that if one thing would swing the right way the rest of the life would follow, and our eyes directed to the future remain blind for the moment. but just for the moment. and then we don't care for the future anymore. she is our dog. if we feed her and take care of her, she will stay with us forever.

we want things and we want them now! is it really to much to ask? life is not meant to be a waiting room, a bus station. there are things to do, places to go, we can always walk. we want to have our cake and eat it to! we don't want to wait. there is more to life. more things. more cake. everything.

we can always walk.