DAY FOR NIGHT (La nuit américaine)

1973. (115 min.)

directed by: François Truffaut

screenplay by: Jean-Luis Richard, Suzanne Schiffman...

cast: François Truffaut, Jacqline Bizet...

01/24/04 - New Beverly Cinema - 7165 West Beverly Blvd. LA - 3:20 pm

In a double feature with Godard's "Contempt" it's a wonderful experience. An ideal "Special Feature" from an era far before DVDs. A kind of film that makes you drive home contemplating on starting your own motion picture career. Guess despite all the mishaps at the filming of "Meet Pamela" Truffaut does make it appear to be so easy, so interesting, so much fun - a thing anybody and everybody should be doing. Hey, no one's stopping you, and who knows, maybe in thirty years, you'll get the chance to be paired up with some of the French guys.