a catalogue of more or less famous people we recognized in the streets without fear of being recognized in return, Los Angeles, 07/27/03 to 05/22/05, since now we live in Cleveland, Ohio all submissions for this page are officially closed, so please inform your favorite celebrity not to show up around our neighborhood or they'll get mugged

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total celebrities: 20

total sightings: 28

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who? Eric Stoltz
who?! when were you exactly born?
when? same show as below
where? same place too
comment: now there's a movie star, if only he would get a movie or two
who? Sandra Oh
who?! you might have seen her in "Sideways" bashing a guy's head with a biker helmet
when? screening of "The Leopard" by Luchino Visconti, our last week in LA
where? Nuart Theatre on Santa Monica
comment: had some noisy friends with her who mistook a movie theatre for a gym, Eric Stoltz sat one row behind them not making any fuss about it, eating his popcorn
who? Michael Rapaport (again)
who?! oh, c'mon, you know Mikey
when? whenever
where? same place
comment: yes, he is the absolute heavy-weight champion of the world in being seen, and if we never see him again it'll be too soon
who? Nestor Carbonell
who?! look for him below, we've seen him before
when? few months ago
where? near his place
comment: no we won't tell you where he lives
who? Jason Alexander
who?! that other guy from "Seinfeld", no, not Kramer
when? can't remember, a while ago
where? Larchmont 
comment: had his son with him, tried his best to look distinguished (the guy, not the kid)
who? Michael Rapaport (again)
who?! the guy we saw four times
when? few days ago (today's 13/02/05)
where? Windsor (St.or Blvd. can't remember which)
comment: not to be topped by H. F. Mikey appears once more, this time walking his dog, without a leash, so for anyone who's broke or desperate enough, how about running into Mr. Rapaport and provoke his pet to bite you, then sue for damages (?)
who? Harrison Ford (again)
who?! our friendly neighborhood intergalactic smuggler/tomb raider 
when? less than a week ago
where? same spot, only this time he was behind the wheel of his Mercedes (black)
comment: wham! you didn't see that one coming, did you? now we're really worried, this thing is like a law suit waiting to happen, but honest, Mr. Ford, we're not stalking you... oh, and piece of advice to all prospective celebrity hunters, we noticed we've been getting better results since our schedule changed, now we go out between 2 and 3:30 PM, and the streets are practically crawling with these pesky Hollywood characters, guess while all the honest people are at work they use the opportunity to act normal without being torn to shreds by their fans, yep, it's tough being a celebrity 
who? John Glover
who?! alas, he'll be remembered by most people as Lex Luthor's father (don't ask us how we know this without owning a TV)  
when? right after and right before we saw Harrison Ford again
where? Larchmont, right next to the news stand and the Rite Aid store
comment: he was with two or three people one of whom was a big guy with an accent (German?), also an actor who usually gets roles of European terrorists or corporate assholes, but unfortunately we were unable to identify him (yes, there are limits even to our powers)
who? Harrison Ford (again)
who?! are you on drugs?
when? barely a week after we first (last) saw him
where? one of the street parallel with Larchmont Blvd. (but we're not telling you which one or if it's to the east or west)
comment: we were this close to him, established eye-contact too, from a far he looked like a pretty shady character, reached for something in his jeans (he wore a black T-shirt and a pair of old jeans), we thought this is it, we're gonna get mugged again, but upon closer inspection it was only his cell phone, and to tell you the truth he seemed more afraid of us than we of him, after all we did outnumber him, and there was an awkward moment when we thought we should say hi or something, but it was too creepy, and he looked like he was going to yell bloody murder if we tried anyhting, which is why we want to share with you these easy-to-follow INSTRUCTIONS FOR CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS (to be applied even if you spot the two of us hanging around your neighborhood): never approach them, you might think you know them, but you don't, and they certainly don't know who you are, because same as you, they don't like to be harassed by strangers, it's tricky because they know you might know them, but... be professional, please 
who? Paul McCrane (again)
who?! yes! Dr. Romano is back and with vengeance we might add in his triple-platinum CS appearance 
when? little less than less than a month ago
where? take a guess
comment: he might not landing roles in any blockbusters but the fact that we see him a lot should be worth something, don't you think?
who? William Petersen
who?! well he's in some way connected to CSI, but...
when? by some freak happenstance we saw Will only a couple of days after watching "To Live and Die in LA", and don't think for a moment we're making this up, because with his beard and his excess baggage he barely resembles himself back from 1985.  
where? where we usually see all these beautiful people
comment: okay, okay, so he looks like a hybrid of Tom Jones and William Shatner, but we have a question for you: what is CSI?
who? Michael Rapaport (again)
who?! he's the guy... oh, whatever, just see below 
when? less than a month ago
where? Larchmont, attacking a bagel at Sam's Bagels 
comment: so things are heating up, now that there's a big fish in the pond, we can see it, oh! so clearly now, everybody's gonna want to be in our CS list, and Mikey here is one of the first to realize the potential of being recognized in the street by two random idlers, it's his third appearance in last few months, so congratulations are in order, and as for you other famous people out there well, okay, bring it on! we're ready...
who? Harrison Ford X 2 (!!!)
who?! You're kidding, right?
when? a month ago
where? Larchmont Village, on his way to the optician's shop, half an hour later driving away from BoA parking lot in his black Mercedes
comment: okay, this is it, this is the big one, this is why we came to Hollywood, now we can pack up and go home... come to thinik of it - naw! we'll hang around for a while longer, anyways: the brightest star on our list yet will reportedly appear in the Hollywood adaptation of the siege of Fallujah, is this supposed to mean Han Solo has fallen to the Dark Side? Don't do it, Indy! Don't do it!!!
who? Richard Riehle
who?! had roles in "Office Space" and "Lethal Weapon IV"), so take your pick
when? two, three weeks ago
where? Nuart Theatre at Santa Monica Blvd. together (ten rows of empty seat between us) we watched "Green Butchers" (very good Danish comedy, you should check it out)
comment: well Mr. Riehle is a type of an actor who plays a certain type of roles, and you know the type, but you never can remember where you've seen him, and you hope you'll never enter a contest or a game show where they'll ask you his name, and that's sad
who? Michael Rapaport
who?! oh, you know him, you just can't remember what was the last thing you saw him in, and neither did we, but then we remembered he's a regular at Conan O'Brien's, so we cross-referenced it with IMDB and voila: last thing we saw him in was "The 6th Day", with Governor A. Schwartzenegger (that was back in 2000) which is bound to have an effect on any young actor's career
when? two times actually in the last month or so, so, yes, Michael is another of our celebrity stalkers, guess the word got around, but we have to set the record straight: guys, sorry, we really don't have any influence in the entertainment industry, so... back off or we'll file for a restraining order (see, you gotta play tough with these Hollywood types)
where? Larchmont, both times
comment: in case you wondered: he's really, really tall
who? Caroline Rhea
who?! allegedly had a part in "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" (never seen the show, so we can't tell you much), also covered for Rosie O'Donnell (who's she?) in "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" (what's that?) 
when? oh, some time ago
where? at Larchmont
comment: she seemed very busy, unless she was faking a cell phone conversation
who? William H. Macy
who?! oh, c'mon, you really should know his name! no? okay, we'll help you, but just this once - remember "Fargo"? we thought so
when? just yesterday (10/04/10)
where? Larchmont
comment: he was pushing a carriage with a little Goldilocks in it, it must be his, or people of Larchmont react really mildly to celebrity baby-snatchers 
At this point we have a confession to make: some time ago, last Summer, we saw a not so famous actor at James Bridges Theatre on UCLA campus. It was the night they were screening the restored version of Elia Kazan's "A Face in The Crowd". Anyway we saw this elderly gentleman who appeared in scores of old movies, but unfortunately, he seems to be one of those supporting actors who always make others look better, while they never manage to make their name remembered by the audience. All the same, we'd like to take this opportunity to salute him, and thank him for the selfless contribution to the art of the flickering images, and to invite him to contact us if he'd like to put his picture and name here. Thank you.
who? Paul McCrane (again)
who?! Dr. Romano from “ER”, better known as the guy we saw six months ago, and now we've seen him again
when? mmm... August? or early September
where? Larchmont Village, LA
comment: should we be worried? is he actually stalking us? maybe he realized the immeasurable benefits of being featured on this page, shrewd man, this Dr. Romano
  who? Nestor Carbonell
who?! Luis from "Suddenly Susan"
when? July, 2004. 
where? Larchmont Village (where else)
comment: Nestor was wheeling out his trash bin just as we happened to pass by, although tempted, we decided against rummaging through his trash in search of compromising items, and E-Bay auctionable memorabilia, though if he gets very famous, very soon, we might reconsider, now that we know where he lives  
who? Alexis Bledel
who?! Rory from "The Gilmore Girls"
when? Sunday, 06/20/04, around 5 PM
where? House of Pies on Vermont Blvd. - Los Feliz Village
comment: after finishing her dinner (which she had alone - btw. busboy of 60 beat us to her table preventing us from obtain some celebrity leftovers which to sell on E-Bay) she hopped in her black Toyota Sequoia to reek havoc on the streets of LA as only petite starlets in monster trucks can
who? Todd Louiso
who?! the jazz obsessed male-nanny from "Jerry McGuire"
when? a hour ago, around 7 PM, 05/15/04
where? Windsor Blvd. LA
comment: in our semi-homeless disguise we looked more as celebrities than he did
who? Romano Prodi
who?! President of the European Commision
when? around 7:30 PM, April 16th , 2004.
where? Beverly Center at La Cienega
comment: he was surprised to see us too, that's probably why he acted he didn't know us
who? Ron Livingston
who?! star of “Office Space”
when? April 10th,2004.
where? Vermont Blvd., a block South of Los Feliz movie theatre

took us some time to actually remember what movie we saw Ron in

who? Paul McCrane
who?! Dr. Romano from “ER”
when? March 20th, 2004.
where? crossing of Melrose Ave. and Larchmont Blvd.

imagine our surprise when we found out he’s not in the “ER” any more, wonder if he knows it

who? Christina Ricci
who?! oh, c’mon, Cristina Ricci!
when? some time ago, 2004.
where? on Larchmont, right by the Bank of America

she was hiding behind a pair of dark glasses bigger than her face

who? James Cromwell
who?! farmer from “Babe”
when? some time ago, 2003.
where? on Larchmont, at "Starbuck's", buying a cup of coffee

it sucks to be remembered as the Farmer from “Babe”, sorry Mr. Cromwell

who? David Schwimmer
who?! Ross from “Friends”
when? just a couple of weeks after we arrived in LA, 2003.
where? on Larchmont

fancy us running into our least favorite “friend”, talk about the very fist celebrity sighting, he was with some girl and us without a camera to make it worth us while