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Within the current system a pair (especially heterosexual and monogamous) is recognized exclusively as a transition form or unit between an individual and a family. A fully functional pair  is the worst possible participant in the economy, because it is the most self-sufficient unit in the society. Two persons within a pair are able to satisfy the majority of their needs without making it a question of production or consumption. The satisfaction of sexual desire within a pair doesn’t generate any profit for the industry or the system. The satisfaction of needs for contact, communication, exchange of ideas within a pair excludes psychoanalysts, priests, educators, media which are all more or less unwitting agents of the system. The space between two members of a pair is a blind spot for the system, it is the place of the least surveillance in the modern society, the least control. The system knows – a pair needs to be broken.

In return, a pair acts as an anarchist cell towards the system, with its own rules, uncontrollable, constantly challenging the authority of the system, if not its existence. A pair makes everything intimate, private – the product, the service, the communication – and by that is harming the economical principle. If it’s intimate, it cannot be profitable.

The economy hasn’t yet begun to observe a pair as a consumer unit, and it’s through the consumer division (like special department store sections for each sex) that the system deepens the gap between men and women. The essence of every piece of advertisement is to make an individual feel unsatisfied, insecure and incomplete in order for him or her to purchase satisfaction, security and fulfillment in the form of the product. The only extent to which the marketing industry has gone in approaching a pair is to offer them a travel package for two, possibly making a sublimated message that a pair needs to go away, disappear from the face of the society completely.

A pair is an enemy to the system, economy and to any profitable sexual discourse. What’s more every pair develops an interaction between two individuals, which is direct competition to, or even annulment of the outside system. It is a pair that represents the core of human communication, a pair is an embodiment of the dialogue. At the same time the system is founded on control, on monologue which is why it is constructed in the way to seek out any communication and destroy or contaminate it.

In an attempt to control the pair, the system has taken on itself to deal with all the “by-products” of a heterosexual monogamous couple. Already the system has laws governing rights, behavior, obligations of children, and men and women separately. It has even singled out the sexual activity and made it an object of industry, medical science, legislature and law enforcement. But so far the system has failed to charge a heterosexual monogamous couple for its existence, either financially or legally.

Instead it has succeeded in isolating and ignoring it which is why in the today’s society a pair has virtually no political, philosophical or religious function. How many couples work or are stimulated to work together? How many pairs are allowed to jointly obtain any public office? Which official religion has a priest and a priestess standing side by side in its ceremony? How many are there philosophies written in a true dialogue?


The Ultimate Taboo

or The Extreme Perversion of a Heterosexual Monogamous Couple

by Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden